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General Declutter 


We recommend a 4 hour time slot for your first session and a lot can be achieved in this time, (I work fast!) and will work alongside ​to help you decide what stays and what goes to transform a cluttered and disorganised space into an area that functions beautifully and is visually pleasing to the eye. While I truly believe that fewer objects creates more space in your home and helps it run more functionally, my goal is to transform your home into something that’s not only stunning but also makes the rest of your life feel a little more spacious as well.

* Additional hours can be added at a charge of £20.00 

Wardrobe Makeover


During your 3 hour wardrobe makeover I will help you transform your wardrobe into a space that works brilliantly for you every day.

  • You’ll learn how to organise literally anything in your wardrobe.

  • I will teach you some folding techniques to keep your clothes organised and tidy.

  • I will help you learn exactly what you should keep and what to let go of.

  • Redefine your personal style – hello, confidence; goodbye, shopping mishaps.

  • I will give you advice on how to sell your items that no longer serve you or can recommend charities

* Additional hours can be added at a charge of £20.00

Home Staging & Moving Assistance

Our pricing can vary depending on the time needed, we offer a free consultation to establish your requirements. 

Chaos to Calm 

12 hour session £220

 During your four sessions (totally 12 hours) I will work alongside you to transform your cluttered and disorganised spaces into areas that function beautifully. Organised clutter is still clutter, so the first step in any organising mission is always to eliminate the unnecessary. The next step is to set up designated 'homes' for items this maybe baskets or filing systems. We will work together to set up  simple organising hacks to reclaim your living space and help you feel more organised. 

Bereavement House Clearance 

We appreciate how difficult it can be to have to deal with household possessions after a family

member or loved one has passed away. Having to go through memories and possessions can be very 

upsetting and stressful. We provide a respectful and caring service to help you through this difficult time.

We can offer a full clearance service which can include if necessary a cleaning service and house staging to service so the property is ready to go up for sale or rental. Please contact us for a free consultation. 

 From professional home organising, decluttering, assisting with a house move, we work with you to identify your needs and can offer a range of services to help your run your home more efficiently and reclaim your living space and redefine your personal style.

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