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My Story


I'm a lover of all things tidy with a passion for home organising and interiors.


I have downsized myself and have really enjoyed my decluttering journey and now embrace living with a lot less 'stuff'.

I have spent most of my career working as an  Estate Agent, where I gained a wealth of knowledge in the house moving process.


I love passing on my experience of how to style your property ready to sell or offer assistance with moving.


As a mother to two lively children, I understand the challenges of lack of time and energy to get things done. My own personal journey of decluttering the family home has lifted the pressures and helped us to enjoy our home a lot more,  By investing time to put good organising systems in place, our home now runs much more efficiently and is a lot easier to keep tidy. 

I am passionate about home organising and keeping an efficient and tidy home and want to help others really enjoy their surroundings.


Hope to hear from you soon. 


Cathy Styler Home organiser based in worcestershire
Cathy Styler.png
Cathy Styler.png

Let me help you make your home more functional

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